Back in March, Alberta RCMP came across a driver with a paper license plate on Highway 2 near Leduc. While they didn't recognize that it was a fake right away, they did notice that it had a tinted cover over it.

They pulled over the driver and ran the license plate number only to find that it didn't exist in the system. When they talked to the person behind the wheel, they immediately confessed that they didn't have vehicle registration or insurance.

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They also admitted that the plate wasn't real and that it was just a piece of paper.

"Using a made up number, the driver had printed the image on a piece of paper at home that was then placed onto an "I (Heart) My Car" vanity plate and hidden behind the tinted cover," said Alberta RCMP.

This driver was slapped with initial fines that totalled over $2,000 and will need to appear in court for driving without insurance. If convicted, they face a minimum fine of $2,875.