Paper plates are great for picnics but not so good on the highway — one funny license plate in B.C. was caught by keen-eyed RCMP and racked up a stiff penalty.

In a Twitter statement from Tuesday, August 18, Burnaby RCMP announced that a motorcyclist was caught and fined $983 for riding with a paper photo of a license plate.

This is quite possibly the most expensive paper plate of all time...

Burnaby RCMP

On top of the vehicle being impounded, its rider was given tickets for driving without insurance, driver's license, or a number plate.

With the cost of the impound and the weight of several tickets bearing down on them, that initial $983 fine might be the least of their worries.

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This wasn't the first case of vehicles being driven with fake paper frauds instead of actual plates; earlier this year a B.C. car crash led to someone being caught with a floppy copy.