On Friday, September 18, RCMP received several 911 calls about a "male suspect randomly shooting people" with a BB gun in Airdrie, Alberta.

According to a report sent to Narcity, the Airdrie "active shooter" prompted RCMP to issue a "shelter in place" for local businesses in the downtown core, who were instructed to stay indoors. 

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6 people were injured during this incident. 

Airdrie RCMP

RCMP officers caught the young man running away from the scene and were able to locate and take him into custody without incident. 

He has been identified as 19-year-old Adam James Ferrier. "Three other males were arrested but later released as investigation revealed they were not involved," said the police. 

Ferrier has been charged with 20 criminal offences, including six counts of discharging an air gun with intent to wound, five counts of assault with a weapon, trespassing, and more. 

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