The COVID-19 numbers in Alberta are rising. The Government of Alberta announced on Monday, July 20, that the province recorded over 300 cases over the weekend between July 17 and 20. The map and graph breaking down Alberta COVID cases by region show that Calgary has the most active cases. 

According to the government, the City of Calgary has 449 COVID-19 cases in the region as of Tuesday, July 21.

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Calgary is followed by the City of Edmonton, which has 193 cases as of now. 

Other regions that have been majorly affected by COVID-19 in recent weeks include Mackenzie County, which is in the northwest area of the province. It's also the largest county in Alberta.

That region has 36 active cases of COVID-19 at the moment but in terms of its population of 24,171 people, its relatively high for the number of people. 

Another county that's also recorded a relatively high number of active cases is Stettler. Eighteen cases have been confirmed there, with the cases in relation to the population also counting in pretty high. 

Calgary and Edmonton alone have a combined population of over 2.3 million people, according to the data provided by the government. Therefore, the cases in relation to the population are actually lower than in other Albertan regions.  

Another metric that's used in these data sets is the status of "watch."

When a region has registered at least 10 active cases or more than 50 active cases per 100,000 of its population, it goes on the "watch" list.

In that case, local leaders of the region must correspond with public health officials, observe the evolving situation, and make plans for additional health measures if needed. 

Thirteen regions have been placed on the "watch" list as of Tuesday morning.

They include regions like Drumheller County, Edmonton's Duggan neighbourhood, Mackenzie County, Cardston County, Kneehill County, and more. 

In total, Alberta has confirmed a case count of 9,587, though 8306 people have already recovered from the disease. 

In addition, 170 individuals have died so far due to COVID-19-related complications.