Ever feel stuck and unsure where to go for lunch in Calgary? Well have no fear, because Kim's Convenience star Andrew Phung is here to help you discover new and delicious treats in Chinatown. In a three-part series on Instagram, the actor is showing off all his favourite local stops, from bakeries to candy stores.

As of Sunday, June 14, Phung — who plays the loyal and loveable "Kimchee" on the show — has released two of his three-part series showing off his favourite local businesses. The first dropped on Wednesday, June 10, with the second on Friday, June 12.

The videos were made in sponsorship with the City of Calgary as a way to spotlight some of the area's delicious local businesses. Both of the current films were shot before COVID-19 hit.

"More than ever, it's important to #supportlocalyyc and I want to highlight three places in Chinatown that I truly love," wrote Phung on Instagram. "These are places that I grew up with, think of, and visit whenever I can."

Calgary's Chinatown is a social epicenter for lots of East Asian communities. That means Korean-hyphenated families, like the Korean-Canadian Kims, or Chinese and Vietnamese hyphenates, like Phung's.

So far Phung's gotten delicious BBQ pork buns and creamy egg tarts from the Rainbow Bakery, and collected rare sweets from all over Asia at candy shop Qalala. Both are in the Dragon City Mall in Chinatown.

According to Phung, the Rainbow Bakery makes the best BBQ pork buns in the city, and it's the first destination in the video series.

"As a kid, one of the things I looked forward to the most was seeing that white bakery box on the kitchen counter," said Phung as he walked into the store, showing off rows and rows of baked goods.

Next stop is Qalala, or what Phung calls "The Candy Shop." Tucked away in a tiny corner of the mall, the small store holds delicious treats you can usually only find in China.

"It's so much fun just exploring this place. Unique treats for all the occasions or sweet-tooths," he wrote on Instagram.

The TV star finished both videos by telling you to stay safe and to hit up these delicious locations when you feel ready.