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Calgary Picnic Event: City's Getting A Romantic Socially Distanced 'Pik Nik' This Week

If you've been wanting to do something under the sun this week, we've got your back. An organized "Pik Nik" is taking place in Calgary on Thursday, August 20. With epic food, live performances, and a lovely old time at a local park, you're in for one of the most wonderful and unique Calgary picnic experiences. 

According to the event's organizers, "/‘pik nik/ is a celebration of local chefs, local restaurants, and local musicians enjoyed under the backdrop of the city’s amazing urban and outdoor spaces."

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How it works is that you purchase a ticket to the event for $99.

The ticket will include a couple of things that will make for the most romantic outing. First, the package includes a picnic-inspired four-course meal designed by some of Calgary's finest chefs.

You also get to select a bottle of wine to pair with your meal.

There is red and white, and you can even go with rosé for a small additional fee. 

The meal will serve two people, so get ready to treat a special person in your life to a wonderful time in the city. 

On the day of the event, you're advised to wear white from head-to-toe.

"We want to bring people together and create a sense of association by wearing white attire, and we want to ensure we are observing distancing rules," said organizer Tyler Rygus in an email sent to Narcity. 

You can go to the restaurant location of the particular chef you've chosen and get your Pik Nik package.

You have to pick it up between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. on Thursday night. 

Your Pik Nik package doesn't only include the cutlery and napkins — it also has streaming info for a private virtual concert by some local musicians. 

The concert will be airing from 5:30 p.m. until 9:30 p.m. 

"Surprise gifts from our partners," will also be included in your package. 

The picnic assortment will have a recommendation for a nearby public park where you can go to enjoy your meal. The park will be located within five minutes of the pick-up point. 

But note that this is just a recommendation. You can basically go anywhere after you've picked up your meal. Just make sure you're following social distancing protocols. 

You should also check beforehand whether drinking in the suggested park is allowed. If it isn't, there's nothing wrong with returning to the comfort of your home to enjoy a makeshift picnic there. 

"We wanted to find a unique way to support local businesses and musicians," said Rygus. 

Proceeds from the event will be going to MealShare, a restaurant charity program. 

Pik Nik

Price: $99

When: Thursday, August 20

Address: Various locations in Calgary

Why You Need To Go: This socially-distanced picnic is the perfect way to enjoy the last couple of weeks of summer. 

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