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8 Hikes Near Calgary That Are Way More Beautiful In The Fall

Time to get the sweaters out 🍂

Let's be real, it's basically fall. The leaves are changing colours as we speak. This means it's time to slowly pack away your swimsuits and bring out your cardigans. Though Alberta's scenic destinations are amazing all-year-round, there's something special about fall. Therefore, we've looked around and made a list of some spectacular falls hikes near Calgary that you'll want to hit at peak golden season. 

Seasons change for a reason. As awesome as Albertan summers are, you might be missing colder temperatures after a while. 

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If you're not a fan of trekking under the burning hot sun, then fall is the best season to venture outdoors and check out some memorable natural scenes

And there are quite a few benefits of going hiking during this time. From the lovely orange colours of the leaves to the slightly chilly air that'll make you want to get your steps in, it's a very pleasant time to be adventuring through your province. 

Our list includes hikes that are super close to Calgary as well as some that are a few hours away. It all depends on how keen you are on leaving the hustle and bustle. 

Before everything slowly but surely freezes over and you're left feeling major nostalgia for the summer, it's time to mark your calendars for some super cute fall adventures. 

The larch trees aren't going wait forever. 

Vermillion Lakes

Address: Vermillion Lakes Drive, Banff National Park, AB

Distance: 4.3 kilometres

Why You Need To Go: This unmissable alpine route near Banff will get you properly pumped up for the fall.

Larch Valley

Address: Moraine Lake Lodge, Banff National Park, AB

Distance: 4.3 kilometres one way

Why You Need To Go: This trek may be a little long but every bit worthwhile as you'll truly get to experience the beauty of a classic Alberta fall like nowhere else.

Douglas Fir Trail

Address: Edworthy Park, Calgary, AB

Distance: 2.5 kilometres

Why You Need To Go: This trail is within the city itself and will treat you to majestic views of the Douglas Fir trees as they transform between seasons.

Weaselhead Flats 

Address: 66 Ave., and 37 St., S.W., Calgary, AB

Distance: The area spans 237 hectares

Why You Need To Go: This unique park within Calgary is the only delta in the city and turns even both beautiful during the fall when its massive trees change colours.

Pocaterra Ridge

Address: Pocaterra Day Use Area, Peter Lougheed Provincial Park, AB

Distance: 9.9 kilometres one way

Why You Need To Go: The hike to this beloved mountain may be steep but the nature scenes that will surround you are every bit worth your time. Note, this is a long and difficult hike.

Chester Lake

Address: Peter Lougheed Provincial Park, AB

Distance: 4.6 kilometres one way

Why You Need To Go: This alpine trail remains pristine the whole year but when the trees turn golden during the fall, it'll feel magical in a whole different way.

Lake Agnes 

Address: Upper Lake Louise, Banff National Park, AB

Distance: 3.4 kilometres one way

Why You Need To Go: Feeling the cool breeze off Lake Agnes will make you gain a whole new level of appreciation for sweater weather.

We strongly advise that before you go swimming or visit any location, you check the most recent updates on potential hazards, security, water quality, and closures. If you do plan to visit a location, respect the environment.