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8 Hiking Trails Near Calgary You Need To Hike Once In Your Life

Do you feel restless in your apartment? There is no better cure for your need to roam than by getting outdoors. After walking all the trails near your home on repeat, it is time to seek mountains and waterfalls.

It is impossible to be bored with so many natural wonders only a short drive away.

There are so many perks about hiking; not only is it a great workout, but it's also an affordable way to hang out with your BFF.

Plus, unlike a trip to the gym, no expensive membership is required. All you need is running shoes and a water bottle to get started.

Before you go, make sure to research the status of the path and level of difficulty. You don't want to take on more than you can handle, or arrive only to find out the path is flooded.

The trails on our list vary dramatically in difficulty. There are flat paths perfect for your first hike of the year and challenging treks you will be proud to conquer.

Whether you live for thrills or just want some fresh air, here are the most stunning hiking trails near Calgary that you need to hike once in your life.

Johnston Canyon

Address: Bow Valley Parkway, Improvement District No. 9, AB

Why You Need To Go: This must-see attraction will have you follow a flat catwalk to waterfalls and through a canyon.

Grassi Lakes

Address: Canmore, AB

Why You Need To Go: If you haven't been hiking much lately, Grassi Lakes is an easy trail to stretch your legs. Following the forest path, you'll reach a crystal-clear teal lake without breaking a sweat.

Elbow Falls

Address: Elbow Falls Provincial Recreation Area, AB-66, Bragg Creek, AB

Why You Need To Go: You can enjoy multiple viewpoints of Elbow Falls from the walking trail right next to the water.

Tunnel Mountain

Address: Banff, AB

Why You Need To Go: You won't want to miss seeing the extraordinary lookout from Tunnel Mountain. From the top, you'll be able to enjoy an incredible view of Banff.

Grotto Canyon

Address: Canmore, AB

Why You Need To Go: Here, you can walk between the towering limestone walls to see a sparkling waterfall and ancient pictographs.

Tent Ridge

Address: Kananaskis, AB

Why You Need To Go: If you are up for the challenge, Tent Ridge will take you to a steep peak with jaw-dropping mountain views.

Rawson Lake

Address: Kananaskis, AB

Why You Need To Go: The trail to Rawson Lake is filled with natural wonders. You'll walk through a forest to bright green meadows and a glistening alpine lake surrounded by mountains.

Lake Minnewanka

Address: Banff, AB

Why You Need To Go: Lake Minnewanka is a glacial lake with unbelievably vivid turquoise water. It is also a charming spot to lay down a blanket and stop for a picnic lunch.

Before you get going, check our Responsible Travel Guide so you can be informed, be safe, be smart, and most of all, be respectful on your adventure.

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