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Alberta’s Johnston Canyon Trail Is Just A 5-km Hike To The Most Surreal Natural Wonder

In case you didn't notice, Alberta is a hot spot for all things nature-related. The outdoor activities in our province are iconic and people often travel from all over the globe to see them.

One of these natural wonders is Johnston Canyon Trail. Thanks to Mother Nature, this 5-kilometre trail is home to some incredible views including a massive waterfall and rock fixtures that look like they defy the laws of physics.

Johnston Canyon Trail is located near Lake Louise, so you already know the views will be otherworldly.

The trail itself is considered to be moderate so you don't have to worry about exhausting all your energy trying to hike up a massive mountain.

Just be sure you don't go off the trail.

Going off the trail is strictly prohibited and could result in a $25,000 fine.

Parks Canada has stated that Johnston Canyon is home to a small population of black swifts, which is an endangered bird species.

In order for the birds to survive in the area, they need to be protected from human disturbances.

But just because you have to stay on the trail doesn't mean you can't enjoy the views.

While you're venturing on your walk, you will be greeted by a beautiful waterfall.

During the winter, this waterfall freezes over completely and it looks like something straight from Frozen.

You will also see a massive rock that is situated right in the middle of a shallow pool.

It's no ordinary rock as its shape looks like it shouldn't even be able to stand up straight. Trust us, it's something you have to see to believe.

Just remember, you can't go off the trail to view the rock and some of the surrounding nature. Stay on the path to respect the distance of the animals that inhabit the area.

Whether you go in the summer months to see the waterfall flowing or in the winter to see a magical winter wonderland, this trail is the perfect afternoon activity.

Johnston Canyon Trail

Address: Bow Valley Parkway, Improvement District No. 9, AB

Why You Need To Go: Why travel around the world to take in a natural wonder when there is one right in our backyard?

Before you get going, check out our Responsible Travel Guide so you can be informed, be safe, be smart, and most of all, be respectful on your adventure.

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