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UofC Called Out Calgary's Spitting Cyclist & Told Police Who He Was

They "strongly condemn" his actions.
Calgary Spitting Cyclist Got Called Out By The University Of Calgary & Reported To The Cops

Just hours after an alleged racial Calgary spitting incident, the University of Calgary says they've identified the culprit.

According to a Twitter post on Sunday, July 19 at around 8 a.m., just 12 hours after the incident, the university wrote that the suspect was Justin Williams.

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Justin Williams has not been an employee of UCalgary since February.

University of Calgary

They continued that Williams was no longer at the school and that they'd provided information to police about his past social media comments.

The university said they're extending their support to the victims of his attack.

Jessica Lau, the woman who was reportedly spat on by this man, told Narcity that she wasn't the only one affected by Williams and that he'd done the same to other passers-by as well.

Via The University of Calgary

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