One big event is reportedly responsible for a COVID-19 outbreak of at least 49 cases. The Calgary 'superspreader' wedding took place earlier this month.

According to CBC News, the wedding was made up of a bunch of Albertans from different households and cohorts. 

In response, contact tracing is rapidly underway to make sure that everyone who was there or exposed to someone who was is being tested and is isolating. 

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This is a reminder to all Albertans that this virus is still here and any social gathering carries a risk of exposure. This is true for both planned events, like wedding receptions, or informal get-togethers in a house or community space.

Alberta Health spokesperson Tom McMillan

The AHS spokesperson didn't tell CBC News any details about the cases, though he said that they are currently investigating what led to an exposure of such magnitude. 

As of now, Alberta has a maximum gathering limit of 50 people for indoor social gatherings. 

The limit bumps up to 100 people for outdoor events and indoor seated events. Finally, the maximum is 200 people for "audience-type community outdoor events, such as festivals, firework displays, rodeos and sporting events, and outdoor performances."

We are unsure which of those categories this wedding fell under. 

Dr. Craig Jenne, an infectious disease expert with the University of Calgary, told CBC News that he considers this wedding to be a "superspreader." 

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