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Calgary Has A Super Haunted Spot Called 'The Devil's Playground' & The Story Is Terrifying

The spookiest season is upon us and that means its time to fill our brains with ghost stories. There are some haunted locations in Calgary and one of the most bone-chilling tales is that of the Devils Playground. Whether or not you believe in the supernatural or urban legends, this story will leave you questioning everything. 

Did you know that Calgary is filled with unexplained tales? 

One of the strangest of them all is the legend around the Devil's Playground.  

Narcity chatted with 39-year-old filmmaker Dori Davidson-Revill about this spot. 

He’s been working on a documentary about this haunted Calgary location for years and wasn't afraid to give us the chilling scoop. 

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Dori Davidson-Revill

Where is the Devil's Playground? 

The Devil's Playground is located on the outskirts of Calgary. According to Davidson-Revill, the once in-use school was located in the North East heading towards Chestermere.

Since the legend of the Devil's Playground has been told and told again, pinning down the exact location was difficult but Davidson-Revill gave Narcity the location and it looks as though it’s at 84 Street and 9 Avenue South East.

Throughout the years of his documentary making, Davidson-Revill has seen the land shift from a vacant lot to farmland and even developed shopping areas.

What's the story behind the Devil's Playground? 

Depending on who you talk to, the myth of the area changes but the most common story is that it was a school that burnt down on the outskirts of Calgary.

When it burnt down, some children remained inside and to this day, their souls are thought to haunt the area, playing on the vacant spot of land.

Throughout the years, the building was allegedly in the process of being demolished by workers when halfway through, the city employees mysteriously got sick and their equipment stopped working.

Legend has it, the ghosts of the children who used to attend the school haunted the employees which eventually caused them to leave the school alone and never fully finish the demolition.

Have there been spooky encounters there? 

Spooky stories have been reported in the area with some people fully believing that they encountered a ghost.

One of the bone-chilling tales retold on Reddit claims that the children who lost their lives in the fire can be heard playing on the foundation of the remains.

Others have told Davidson-Revill that heavy machinery doesn't work in the area.

Throughout the documentary-making process, Davidson-Revill heard many tales, one of which involved two groups of people mistakenly taking one another for a ghost.

Other stories are a tad more unexplained as some have reported seeing a child's handprints on the walls and have even seen a young girl with long black hair wearing a white dress in the area.

People have also found animal bones, creepy graffiti, and leftover books in the area.

How can I visit?

The site can’t be accessed as it’s private property so stepping on-site would be considered trespassing.

Of course, you can drive by the area and try to experience something otherworldly.

When you get there, turn off the car and see if you can hear the footsteps of the ghostly children running around. Maybe your car will even have trouble turning back on.

Either way, respect the boundaries of the area and stay in your vehicle as everything is totally off-limits.

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