An Entire Calgary Neighboured Has Been Taken Over By Awe-Inspiring Interactive Art & Music

Art, music, animation, and so much more.
Inglewood Art Walk Is Turning An Entire Calgary Neighboured Into An Music & Art Exhibition

If you are dying to get out of the house and consume a little culture in your city, there is an Inglewood art walk taking place that fuses together art, music, and interactive experiences for you to enjoy.

Northern Reflections: Inglewood is an Augmented Art Tour that has pulled together 31 local artists and 11 local businesses to make the neighbourhood come to life.  

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The murals have been paired with music produced by local and international musicians, and an interactive experience when users download the free Augle App onto their smartphone. Inglewood YYC

"To use, Calgarians can simply activate the AR camera in the app, point their phone at the image and see augmented reality artwork in action," it continues.

Basically, you fuze together an art exhibition with a video game and a concert on a massive, neighbourhood-wide scale. 

You can find the installations at the following local businesses: 

  • Bioi
  • Blue Store
  • Circa Vintage Art Class 
  • ESPY Experience 
  • Gorilla Whale
  • Ironwood Stage & Grill
  • Purr Clothing
  • Rosso Coffee Roasters
  • Spolumbos Fine Foods & Deli 
  • Twitchin Threadz

The event is meant to "celebrate the power of music, art and business."

In a time where you might feel especially removed from your community, local businesses and local creatives, this is the perfect opportunity to revisit those passions in a totally unique way. 

Just download the app and get ready to treat your senses. 

Northern Reflections: Inglewood – Augmented Art Tour

Price: Free

When: Thursday, January 21 to Sunday, February 28

Address: Inglewood 

Why You Need To Go: Step out of your house and into a massive, interactive art exhibit on the streets of Calgary.