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This New York-Style Riverfront Home For Sale In Calgary Is Somehow Under $500K (PHOTOS)

If you don't buy this house, Hallmark probably will.

If you're looking for homes for sale in Calgary and you fancy yourself a bit of a romantic, we've got something you might want to see. 

This riverfront abode is the definition of rustic-chic and it's located in the trendy Mission area. 

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While the exterior is unassuming and cabin-like, the inside of the home screams Brooklyn brownstone. 

The kitchen is small and cozy. The entire home is just 865 square feet, after all. 

The loft-style master is perfect for afternoons in bed. The entire home has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. 

The backyard is huge with a big patio and it directly overlooks the river. If you love a BBQ, you'll love this. 

This home is just the cutest thing. Whether you want to live with roommates, your S/O, or go it solo, this might be the start of the RomCom you've always wanted to live out IRL. 

Riverfront Home In Calgary

Price: $495,000

Address: 101 B 24 Ave. S.W., Calgary, AB

Description: A humble little home with more charm than you could imagine.

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