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An Art Installation By Yoko Ono Is Coming To Calgary & All Women Are Invited To Submit

It’s time to exercise that big, beautiful, creative brain of yours. Contemporary Calgary is hosting a Yoko Ono exhibition and they want all women to enter submissions. The exhibition starts very soon so it’s time to get creating. 

The unique art installation is meant to be inclusive and female-forward. 

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According to Contemporary Calgary, from Thursday, September 10, to Sunday, January 31, Yoko Ono’s installation, Growing Freedom, will be taking place. 

Ono is a widely known artist, singer, songwriter, and activist.

She was also in the public eye because up until 1980, she was married to the late John Lennon. 

In 2013, Ono put out a call asking all women of any age to submit pieces of art for her latest work. 

Designed to be an ongoing installation, women from all over the world are encouraged to send in their work to have it be displayed. 

Each woman that submits work is asked to include only their first name. No last names allowed. 

They’re also asked to send in a photo of their eyes along with a testament “in your own words, and write however openly you wish.”

Each testament is asked to be written in each individual's language.

Along with Ono’s work and the submissions of others, pieces from Lennon will also be on display. 

The first part of the exhibition will be to "underscore the cornerstones of action, participation, and imagination" says the art gallery

The second part, The Art of John and Yoko, will be a collaborative art project between the two former spouses. 

Some of the work that will be on display was part of the couple's peace activism that dates back to the 1960s and 70s. 

Ono first announced this massive installation on April 29, 2013. 

All submissions are to be mailed to Contemporary Calgary or submitted via email to

According to the Contemporary Calgary, the gallery is closed temporarily in response to COVID-19. No opening date has been announced. 

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For the first time ever, 32 original paintings by the legend will be on display. 

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