Bring on the happy little accidents! The Bob Ross exhibit Penticton Art Gallery is hosting is now open and you can check out so many of the iconic painter's works. Though this is only around for a limited time.

At the gallery in Penticton, B.C., there is the first-ever showing of the Bob Ross: Happy Little Accidents exhibit in Canada.

It features 32 original paintings from Ross that have never been displayed in our country before.

The artwork that's shown in the exhibit is from his show The Joy of Painting which aired for 31 seasons in the '80s and '90s. 

There are plaques beside each of them that note which episode the paintings are from and include quotes of what Ross said about them during the show.

The exhibit was originally supposed to open in March of this year but public health measures that were put in place because of COVID-19 postponed that.

Bob Ross: Happy Little Accidents finally opened on July 4 and will run until September 13.

The art gallery is open seven days a week all summer long.

There are even themed items for sale at the gift shop like Bob Ross finger puppets, mugs, socks and more.

Paul Crawford, the curator of Penticton Art Gallery, told Global News that the exhibit gives a behind the scenes look at how Ross' show was done.

There were actually three versions of each painting done.

"He'd have that first painting that no one would ever see, then there was the one he would do live half an hour on TV before your eyes," Crawford said.

The third version was done in case shots were missed or close-ups were needed during the live taping of it.

The Penticton Art Gallery is about a 50-minute drive south of Kelowna.

Other exhibits in Canada are offering unique looks at some art-favourites like the immersive Van Gogh exhibit in Toronto and one about Winnie The Pooh at the Royal Ontario Museum.

The one about that loveable honey-obsessed yellow bear was closed because of COVID-19 but it will return later on as the museum reopens. It's the exhibit's only Canadian stop.