Canada Gave Out $17,000 In Fines To 2 Travellers Who Lied About COVID-19

The two people boarded a flight to Canada knowing they tested positive.
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Canada Air Travel Restrictions Led To $17K Of Fines For 2 People

As a result of Canada's air travel restrictions, the government has issued $17,000 worth of fines to two people who flew into the country.

Transport Canada announced that the passengers were given fines after an investigation found that they both presented falsified test results.

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One person was fined $10,000 and the other, $7,000 for the misleading results and for making a false declaration about their health.

Both of those people boarded a flight to Canada from Mexico on January 23.

They did that while knowing that they tested positive for COVID-19 just a few days before their flight took off.

Under the interim order that has put restrictions in place for air travel, passengers are not only required to show proof of a negative test but are also prohibited from knowingly providing false or misleading results.

As of February 22, travellers arriving in Canada by both air and by land have to take a COVID-19 test upon arrival as well.

Only people who come by plane have to do the mandated hotel quarantine while waiting for the results.

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