Only Some Travellers Have To Do Canada's Hotel Quarantine & It Depends On How You Travel

Other rules still need to be followed, though.
Canada's Hotel Quarantine Start Date Applies To Some Travellers Only
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After Canada's hotel quarantine start date, only some travellers will have to comply with the new rule and it depends on how you travel.

Travellers are required to stay at a federally approved hotel for up to three days while waiting for the results of a COVID-19 test taken after arrival in Canada.

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February 22 post-travel COVID-19 test and hotel quarantine starts

Bill Blair, minister of public safety, explained why the three-day stay applies to those travelling by air and not those coming into the country by land.

People coming into Canada from the U.S. by car don't have to do the hotel quarantine that starts on February 22.

That's because the infrastructure around land points of entry is so much different than what's around the four airports where international flights can arrive like hotels, places to get food and health services.

Blair said that there are 117 points of entry and many are in remote locations very far away from the nearest motel or populated area.

So, replicating the air traveller requirements there "would be extremely challenging."

Land travellers still have to show proof of a negative PCR test done within 72 hours of arrival, complete the mandatory 14-day quarantine once they're here and get a third COVID-19 test on day 10.

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