Canadian Scammers Are Getting So Creative & There's A Whole List Of New Tricks To Avoid

The COVID-19 scammers are not messing around.
Canada COVID-19 Scams Are So Common That There's A List Of Tricks To Avoid

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Canadian COVID-19 scams have emerged in many forms.

From phone calls from fake health professionals to the selling of fraudulent COVID-19 tests, scammers didn't miss a beat in inventing new ways to get people's money and information

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Because scams like these are running rampant, the Government of Canada has published a list of common instances of COVID-19 fraud for people to be aware of and protect themselves from. 

New additions to the list include the selling of counterfeit COVID-19 vaccines or products claiming to treat or prevent the disease. 

Other scams of the same nature are trying to convince people to download malicious COVID-19 notification apps or offer up private financial details. 

Another red flag is fake private companies offering at-home vaccination kits for a fee. 

With COVID-19-related scams, many people are impersonating government officials or financial institutions.

The Government of Canada says that when in doubt, contact the 1 800 O-Canada (1-800-622-6232) service.