It looks like thousands of unsuspecting Canadians became victims of fraud last month alone and it resulted in the loss of more than $10 million in total. 

According to the Canada Revenue Agency, many cases of fraud are happening in the country every day and it's costing Canadians a lot of dough. 

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$10 million  Lost to fraud in Canada

The agency says that 4,833 Canadians reported scam activity in January alone. For all of last year, that number sat at 68,452.

Over 3,300 Canadians fell victim to fraud last month. In 2020, 40,612 people had their information compromised. 

The scams came with a major price tag too. Last year, a whopping $106 million was lost to fraud in the country!

The government says that scammers will often pretend to be from either the Canadian Revenue Agency, Service Ontario or from Immigration, Refugees, Citizenship Canada.

"Many scams and frauds attempt to imitate government services in order to gain access to your personal and financial information," the report read.

According to the Government of Canada, you can safeguard yourself by protecting your financial information and social insurance number. Be sure to contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre if you think you may have been targeted by a scammer.