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A Canada Border Services Agency Scam Is Targeting Canadians & Here's What To Look Out For

The scammers are asking for money and personal information.

A Canada Border Services Agency Scam Is Targeting Canadians & Here's What To Look Out For

Have you gotten an email or call from what seems to be the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) asking you for money, your social insurance number (SIN) or other personal information? If so, someone tried to scam you.

The CBSA is warning everyone across the country about ongoing email, text, phone and online scams that have people posing as officials from the agency. They urge people to look out for fake versions of the ArriveCAN app or the Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA).

The CBSA said ArriveCAN is free and an application for an eTA can only be made and paid for — the price is $7 — through the official Government of Canada website.

In some instances, scammers are using phone numbers, logos, email addresses and employee names that falsely appear to be from the CBSA to mislead people.

The CBSA is reminding Canadians that it never requests SINs, credit card numbers or money by phone or email.

2 Tonnes Of 'Khat' Was Seized From A Ship Container Arriving In Vancouver & It Looks Wild

The drug can give "a stimulant effect similar to amphetamine."

More than two tonnes of the illegal stimulant drug "khat" was seized by the Canada Border Services Agency's Metro Vancouver Marine Operations.

The investigation began on October 4 when a "container of interest" was identified and sent for investigation, a news release from CBSA said.

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CBSA Says Hundreds Of People Have Been Caught With Fake Tests & Vax Passports At The Borders

This has happened at both land and air ports of entry in Canada.

According to data from the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), it turns out that travellers are trying to circumvent the federal government's rules by showing fake travel documents to get into the country.

In a statement shared with Narcity, CBSA revealed that there have been hundreds of cases where people were caught trying to enter Canada at both land and air borders with suspected fake or fraudulent COVID-19 test results and proof of vaccine certificates.

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An American Woman Tried To Enter Canada With 56 Guns In The Trunk Of Her Car

She also had 13 over-capacity magazines, 43 ten-round pistol magazines and 100 rounds of ammunition. 😬

An American woman was caught trying to enter Canada from the U.S. at a land border in Ontario with 56 guns stashed in the trunk of her car and she was arrested then charged.

Canada Border Services Agency announced this seizure on November 19 and said it's one of the largest single firearm seizures in southern Ontario in recent history.

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This Is What To Expect When You Use Canada's Vaccine Passport At Airports

Justin Trudeau said there will be "no actual slow down."

Now that the details on Canada's vaccine passport have been revealed, Canadians can learn all about how proving their vaccination status will work when they're travelling through airports.

During an announcement about the new standardized, national certificates, Justin Trudeau explained that his government has worked closely with airlines to ensure that the process is "as seamless and easy" as possible.

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