Animals Keep Ignoring Canada's Border Restrictions & The Photos Are So Perfect

At least they checked in with officials, though! 🤣🦨
Canada's Border Restrictions Are Being Ignored By Some Animals & The Pics Are Perfect
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While all humans are expected to follow Canada’s border restrictions right now, it seems some animals are making up their own travel rules!

Since the Canada-U.S. border closed in March 2020, creatures large and small have been totally ignoring the non-essential travel rules by crossing the border whenever they feel like it.

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Fortunately, some have been polite enough to stop by at the Canada Border Service Agency’s (CBSA) offices to let officials know they’d be crossing through.

Back in October, the CBSA confirmed that a fox had crossed the Pigeon River border between Minnesota and Ontario, although officials said the creature was crossing for “essential purposes.”

“Even wildlife knows to make a full declaration when entering Canada,” they joked.

A month later, an adorable bear cub proved she didn’t care too much about the travel restrictions as she crossed the border between Stewart, B.C. and Hyder, Alaska.

Border officials confirmed that the bear had some legitimate reasons to cross, but joked that she had “no travel documents.”

“After a forceful attempt on its part to cross the border, our officers moved quickly to apprehend and transfer it to the Smithers’ Northern Lights Wildlife Society for the winter,” they added.

In March 2021, almost a year after the border restrictions were put into place, a trio of skunks proved that they don’t care for travel rules either!

The group kicked up a stink for CBSA officers at the Del Bonita border crossing between Alberta and Montana, but eventually came to their senses and “scurried back home.” 

It seems like the animals were let off taking COVID-19 tests and producing a ton of paperwork. It’s likely they didn’t complete a mandatory quarantine period, either.

Fortunately, the group probably got away without a $750,000 fine, too!

Helena Hanson
Senior Editor
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