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This is too cute! At the Canada-U.S. border, a fox tried to cross over for "essential reasons" and the photo will put the biggest smile on your face.

The Canada Border Services Agency's Northern Ontario Region tweeted about the fox that unexpectedly but adorably showed up at the border looking to cross.

"Pigeon River welcomed a special visitor seeking entry for essential reasons," the tweet said.

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Even the fox knew to go make a full declaration when it tried to gain entry into the country and not be sly about coming in.

The animal even got up on its hind legs and leaned its front paws against the booth as the officer handed it something out of a window!

The Canada-U.S. border has been closed to non-essential travel since March and the closure agreement was recently extended into November.

Over 24,000 travellers have been turned away at our border since March and more than 1,000 Americans tried to enter the country to shop.

*Cover photo used for illustrative purposes only. 

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The wait is over – Ontario's border restrictions with Manitoba and Quebec will be ending this Wednesday.

Solicitor General Sylvia Jones said in a statement that the announcement comes after, "the province's successful transition to Step One of Roadmap to Reopen, and with the approval of the Chief Medical Officer of Health."

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