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Fully Vaccinated Canadians Can't Skip Any Travel Measures Without Using ArriveCAN

Officials say using ArriveCAN is compulsory to skip quarantine and a hotel stay.👇✈️

The feds are reminding fully vaccinated travellers that they must use the ArriveCAN app or website if they want to skip some travel measures when arriving in Canada.

On July 12 — one week after travel restrictions were eased for fully vaccinated Canadians — Health Canada warned that those who fail to make use of ArriveCAN "will not benefit from quarantine and testing exemptions."

Those who qualify for the quarantine and hotel stopover exemption must use the app or website to submit information related to their trip, COVID-19 vaccination status and backup quarantine plan. They must also provide some basic personal details.

Those without a smartphone or reliable cell phone service are advised to create an account online prior to arriving in Canada and take a screenshot or printout of their ArriveCAN receipt.

The feds say Canadians without internet services at home should use internet cafés or libraries to use the ArriveCAN services.

It's also possible to submit information via the app or website on behalf of somebody else, if they are unable to do it themselves.

While travellers won't be denied entry into Canada if they haven't used the app or website, they won't be eligible for exemptions, they may face additional delays and could be subject to fines or penalties.

Canada’s Travel Restrictions Will Officially Stay In Place Until At Least November 21

Existing border measures and entry requirements will be sticking around.👇

Canada's existing travel restrictions and entry requirements will remain in effect for another nine weeks, Health Canada has confirmed.

In a notice shared on Sunday, September 19, the government agency revealed that the country's current border measures will stay the same until November 21 at the earliest.

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Canada's Travel Restrictions Got A Major Update Today & Here's What You Should Know

Fully vaxxed travellers from abroad can return to Canada for non-essential reasons. ✈️

Perhaps the biggest update to Canada's travel restrictions so far has come into effect as of Tuesday, September 7.

Fully vaccinated travellers from across the world (with just a few exceptions) will be welcomed back into the country for non-essential purposes, including tourism, sightseeing and visiting friends and family.

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Starting on September 7, Canada will open its border to fully vaccinated residents from all over the world for discretionary purposes.

However, there are some things that Toronto Pearson Airport wants you to know before these new changes kick in.

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