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This Super Simple Video Explains Exactly How The ArriveCAN App Works For Travellers

Travellers (including Canadians) must use the app to prove their vaccination status.👇✈️

If you need ArriveCAN help, look no further! The Government of Canada has created a new video that explains how the app works and it's pretty useful for travellers.

On June 21, the federal government announced that fully vaccinated Canadians would be exempt from some of Canada's travel rules. This includes the two-week quarantine period and the hotel stopover, as well as the day-eight COVID-19 test.

However, in order to skip these measures, returning Canadian travellers must be able to prove to border officials that they're fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

This is where the ArriveCAN app comes in!

All travellers arriving in Canada must use the government-created app to share their personal details, contact information and travel itinerary. This includes their quarantine plan, COVID-19 test information and proof of vaccination status where applicable.

It's worth noting that Canadians who lie about their COVID-19 vaccination status could face fines of up to $750,000, or even jail time.

Who needs to use ArriveCAN?

Whether they're arriving in the country by land or air, all travellers (including Canadians) must use ArriveCAN to register their details.

All information must be shared within 72 hours prior to the traveller's arrival in Canada.

The federal government says that ArriveCAN will not use GPS or any other technology to track users' locations. All information provided is protected according to Canada's Privacy Act.

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