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Canada Will See A Vaccine 'Ramp-Up' In April With More Than 1 Million New Doses A Week

The man in charge of Canada's vaccine distribution just explained the ramp-up.
Canada COVID-19 Vaccine Ramp-Up Will See More Than 1 Million Doses A Week Come April

On Thursday, January 14, federal officials gathered for a briefing on Canada's COVID-19 vaccine distribution. 

During the briefing, Major General Dany Fortin, who is in charge of logistical rollout and distribution for vaccines in Canada, explained what Phase 2 will look like. 

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Phase 2, the next quarter, also called the ramp-up phase. Dany Fortin

He said that the ramp-up phase will be kicking off in April. 

At that time, he said that "the quantity of doses arriving in Canada is anticipated to average more than a million doses per week for both currently approved vaccines." 

To put that in perspective, Canada is currently receiving 208,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine on a weekly basis throughout January 2021. 

As for the Moderna vaccine, shipments arrive every three weeks. 

"During the first week of February we will receive 230,400 doses," said Fortin, adding that another shipment of a similar size will come three weeks later.  

The official said that the federal government will be working with the provinces and territories regarding distributions and that throughout this process “clear communications are key.”

Provincial leaders will be receiving Phase 2 planning documents in the coming days. 

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