Alpacas might be the hot new farm animal and honestly, we aren't mad about it. Nearly half of Canada’s alpaca population is apparently in Alberta which means Albertans are going crazy for these long-necked animals. It turns out they make great therapy animals and it sounds like there’s nothing these cuties can’t do. 

According to CBC News, there are about 28,500 alpacas in Canada. 

It may not sound like too many when you consider all our provinces and territories but according to the same source, 40% of these animals are in Alberta. 

That means about 11,400 alpacas call the province home. 

Coming in a wide variety of colours including white, brown, and grey, they have historically been farmed for their incredibly soft fur.

Chances are you've felt a product made by this animal's curly hair. 

While you can profit off owning these babies, these animals also make for great pets. Apparently they get along swimmingly with others including dogs, cats, and livestock. 

They also make for great therapy animals. 

Considering the City of Calgary has allowed chickens to become emotional support animals, this fact isn’t surprising. 

In Edmonton, there is a shaman named Rynn Parraw that works on creating deep relationships with clients thanks to alpacas. 

CBC News has stated that in order to do this, he will have clients stand inside a pen with dozens of these animals. 

If you’re interested in owning an alpaca then you'll need to be ready to feed it about two pounds of hay per day.

Alpaca Info has stated that these animals can adapt to most climates and conditions and ideally, one acre of pasture can sustain about five animals. 

Growing up to 175 pounds, they can live up to 25 years which is way longer than your average house pet. 

Not only are they a best friend for life, but they can earn their keep.

Depending on the quality of the animal's fur, it can be bought for anywhere from $10 to $45 a pound. 

It's important to note that alpacas are considered as livestock in Alberta, therefore you need proper permitting to own them.

You have to admit, they’re pretty cute.

Maybe your new alpaca friend could even be considered for a Canadian commercial that is looking to cast your fur baby for $1,200. 

The good thing is you don’t need to book a therapy appointment or throw tons of cash to see one of these creatures. 

There are tons of farms in the province that welcome visitors. 

The Alpacas Canada website reads that there are 16 farms all over Alberta that encourage visitors and lovers of these animals to come out. 

Some of the farms are in Leduc County, Red Deer, and Grande Prairie. 

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