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Canada's Federal Minimum Wage Is Finally Getting Bumped Up This Year

The increase starts in December!

On Wednesday, June 30, the government announced that Canada's federal minimum wage will officially get bumped up to $15 on December 29, 2021.

"Thousands of hard-working Canadians will see their incomes rise to at least $15 per hour as a result of this change, helping them with things like groceries, rent, sports or extracurricular activities for their kids," said Minister of Labour Filomena Tassi.

This wage increase will only apply to workers in the federally regulated private sector. While this may sound specific, it actually covers a number of the industries in the country.

Some of the workers included are people who work in the air transport industry, banking, grain, First Nations band councils, postal services, radio and TV, transportation, telecommunications, and more.

This change is part of Canada's 2021 budget and it could mean that you'll have a little more money in the bank for the new year.

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