When it comes to the minimum wage in Canada in 2021, the hourly rate is getting boosted in almost every province and territory but none of those increases managed to top the country's highest hourly rate of pay.

Nunavut still has the highest minimum wage in the country at $16 per hour, even though no increase has been announced for this year and other provinces and territories are upping their rates.

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Only three places come close to Nunavut: the minimum wage in B.C. is increasing to $15.20 on June 1, which is up from $14.60; the Northwest Territories is increasing the minimum wage to $15.20 from $13.46 on September 1, and Alberta's minimum wage is set at $15 per hour.

Ontario is increasing the rate of pay by $0.10 to $14.35 on October 1; Yukon upped it to $13.85 on April 1; Quebec is going to move up to $13.50 on May 1; P.E.I. reached $13 on April 1 and Nova Scotia increased its minimum wage to $12.95 an hour on April 1.

The minimum wage for workers increased to $12.50 in Newfoundland on April 1 and is going up to $11.95 in Manitoba on October 1; hourly wage increased to $11.75 in New Brunswick on April 1 and is set at $11.45 in Saskatchewan.