Canada’s Most Common Passwords Have Just Been Revealed & Some Are Hilariously Canadian

If you've been putting off changing your passwords, this might persuade you to get it done.

Cybersecurity company NordPass has published its 2021 list of the top 200 most common passwords, and while many are unsurprising, some are just totally hilarious.

At the top of the list this year were the usual suspects, like "123456," "password," "qwerty," "abc123," "password1" and "testing", all of which had been used at least 73,000 times in Canada alone.

There were also ultra Canadian codes in Canada's top 200, including "canada," "montreal," "toronto," "canada1" and "bonjour."

The word "hockey" was the 11th most common password in Canada with 65,380 Canucks choosing that on-brand word specifically.

Using first names is also apparently fairly common, as researchers placed "tiffany," "charlie," "maggie," "michael," "matthew," "bailey," "michelle," "andrew," "jennifer" and "william" all in the top 50 in Canada.

There were some really random ones too, made even stranger by how common their usage actually is. This includes passwords like "internet," "babygirl," "chicken," "peanut" and "dragon," to name a few.

"Killer" has been used 27,645 times in Canada, while passwords like "fuckoff," "asshole" and "fuckyou" were also used many, many times. Yikes!

As many as 144 of the top 200 most common passwords in Canada can be cracked in less than a second, according to NordPass.

Perhaps it's time for a change, eh?

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Perpetuating stereotypes is usually not encouraged, and it's not like Canada is constantly snowed in with overly apologetic Tim Horton's enthusiasts who are WAY TOO in touch with nature, e.g. having a pet moose.

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