Canada's Updated Travel Rules Mean It's Going To Get Easier To Take Kids Abroad

Pack your bags, kids!

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Canada's Updated Travel Rules Mean It's Going To Get Easier To Take Kids Abroad

With COVID-19 restrictions loosening in different parts of the country, the federal government has announced new travel rules for adults and children entering Canada.

The updated restrictions were announced on Tuesday, February 15 and will begin taking effect as of February 28.

The rules for children under 12 who are travelling with fully vaccinated adults have changed, making travel with unvaccinated young'uns much easier.

Right now, unvaxxed kids (who have fully vaccinated parents) are not required to quarantine in a designated facility after arriving in Canada, but they are not allowed to return to school, daycare or camp for at least two weeks either.

After February 28, however, children will no longer have to wait 14 days before attending school or any other group setting after going abroad, which is one less thing to worry about on your next international family vacation.

Along with this, as of February 28, fully vaccinated adult travellers (including parents) will no longer have to quarantine while they await test results, either.

On top of that, passengers arriving in Canada will have the option to take either a molecular test or a rapid antigen test.

It means people will be able to choose a cheaper rapid antigen test to enter Canada if they want. But do keep in mind that rapid antigen testing must be administered by a lab, healthcare entity or a telehealth service.

Along with this announcement, the Government of Canada moved the Travel Health Notice down from a level 3 to a level 2. This means the feds are no longer urging people to avoid all non-essential trips abroad, but travellers should still understand the risks when it comes to COVID-19 and take adequate precautions.

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