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Chefs Plate Offers Plant-Based Recipes With Meatless Farm For The First Time & Everything Looks Delicious

Starting at $8.99 per serving!

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Chefs Plate Offers Plant-Based Recipes On Its Menu For The First Time & Everything Looks Delicious

Chefs Plate Offers Plant-Based Recipes On Its Menu For The First Time & Everything Looks Delicious

More and more Canadians are switching to plant-based diets in an effort to combat climate change. But if you're new to the movement, coming up with tasty (and easy) veggie alternatives can feel daunting.

Chefs Plate — the hassle-free, no-prep, at-home meal kit subscription service — is now offering plant-based options on its National menu for the first time, and they've teamed up with Meatless Farm to make it happen.

After conducting research on the environmental impact of red meat and the benefits of a vegetarian diet, Meatless Farm found that if Canadian households swapped meat for a plant-based alternative just once more per week, the country's greenhouse gas emissions would be cut by 30 million tonnes. That's the equivalent of taking six million cars off the road!

In an effort to help Canadians reduce their meat consumption, Meatless Farm has created a 100% plant-based patty that's delicious, healthy and good for the environment. The patties, now offered on Chefs Plate's menu, is a great option for people with dietary restrictions as they are high in protein, non-GMO, soy free and gluten free. This is also the first time that Canadians across the country are able to get their hands on Meatless Farm, following retail launches in B.C. and Ontario earlier this year.

To give you an idea of how you can easily cut down your meat consumption (without cutting down the yummy factor), check out these three mouth-watering recipes that you can make at home.

Veggie Skillet Mexi-Bowls

Courtesy of Chefs Plate

This recipe is a veggie-lover's take on the enchilada bowl, and it's sure to spice up your week. Seasoned Meatless Farm patties and chilli-spiced poblanos are the stars of this plate. They're served on a bed of brown rice, then topped off with fresh tomato salsa and lime crema. This hearty meal brings the flavours of Mexico to your kitchen, and it takes only 30 minutes to make.

The Veggie-Skillet Mexi-Bowls are available the week of October 9 to 15, so make sure to get your Chefs Plate box order in before October 5.


Meatless Japanese-Style Turkey Rice Bowl

Courtesy of Chefs Plate

This Japanese-style rice bowl will make your mouth water. Seasoned Meatless Farm patties pair perfectly with sautéed bok choy and grated carrots — and it all sits atop a bed of warm sushi rice. A runny boiled egg and a drizzle of homemade spicy mayo finish off this delectable dish. It's like a warm hug in a bowl and takes just half an hour to make.

Order by October 12 to get this ramen-house fave in your Chefs Plate box.


One-Pot Hearty Bean Chilli

Courtesy of Chefs Plate

This hearty bean chilli is the ultimate recipe to help you warm up this fall, and you won't even notice that there's no meat! A mixture of beans and sautéed veggies, paired with the meatless patty, topped with toasted ciabatta buns for dipping. Yum.

Get your order in by November 9 to enjoy this recipe at home with your family.


Veggie Bulgogi-Style Bowl

Courtesy of Chefs Plate

It can be easy to make restaurant-worthy Asian-inspired dishes at home — even without the meat. This Korean staple features a base of nutty brown rice, followed by Meatless Farm's soy free, gluten free meatless patties. Topped with sautéed vegetables and spicy pickled cucumbers, this meal will take your tastebuds on a flavour journey.

This 30-minute, plant-based bulgogi bowl will be returning to the menu at the end of this year.


These Chefs Plate x Meatless Farm plant-based recipes come with pre-measured ingredients, which makes your life a lot easier and avoids food waste.

Not only are plant-based meals better for you and the environment, but they're also affordable. Chefs Plate wants you to cook smarter, not harder, and their high-quality plant-based recipes will help you save time, energy and effort. Starting at just $8.99 per serving, these boxes are a fun way to finally make the transition to a plant-based diet.

Order your next meatless meal on Chefs Plate and learn more about Meatless Farm on their website or through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube.