Amazon Prime's Newest Movie Stars Lili Reinhart In A Twisted Love Story

Ah, young love.
Chemical Hearts On Amazon Prime

A new kind of love story. On an almost daily basis, trailers for new movies are being released, stirring up tons of excitement amongst viewers. Recently, the first look at Chemical Hearts on Amazon Prime was revealed, and you'll definitely want to watch it.

Earlier today, the streamer released a brief sneak peek at the upcoming teen drama, which shows a sad-looking Lili Reinhart sitting beside a boy in what appears to be a high school.

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The two are then called into an office together, and we see Reinhart's character stand up and head towards the room with a cane in tow.

The clip doesn't give much more info, but according to Entertainment Weekly, the Riverdale star will be playing the role of Grace Town — a mysterious new girl who often wears baggy clothes and walks with a limp.

Grace joins the school's newspaper staff, where she meets Henry Page, who quickly finds himself fascinated by his new classmate. 

"As he grows closer to her, he'll learn more about first love, heartbreak, and loss than he ever imagined," the site reads.

The Amazon Prime original is based on the novel Our Chemical Hearts by Krystal Sutherland.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Reinhart opened up about how she got involved with the project.

"The director, Rich Tanne, and I met in Vancouver when I was filming Riverdale and we talked about what our vision for what the movie should be, and we were really on the same page and thought the same way tonally in what we saw for this movie."

"Chemical Hearts is the kind of movie that portrays young love in a realistic light in the sense that it f***ing hurts sometimes," the actress said.

"Oftentimes it does not go the way you want it to. And you can have this idea of someone and they don't measure up to what you want them to be."

The movie also stars Austin Abrams (Euphoria), Sarah Jones (Alcatraz), Bruce Altman (Nothing Sacred), Adhir Kalyan (Rules of Engagement), and Kara Young (Hair Wolf).

Chemical Hearts is coming to Amazon Prime Video on August 21.