On Friday, May 14, the Canadian government posted a reminder that local COVID-19 travel rules apply to Canadians who are travelling abroad. This means that wherever you are, you need to follow the rules and restrictions in that specific place.

The Government of Canada has a list of "Official Global Travel Advisories" that breaks down travel restrictions around the world.

"No matter where you plan to travel, make sure you check the Travel Advice and Advisories page for your destination twice," it reads, explaining that you need to check when you're planning a trip and again right before you leave as things can change without notice.

You can search your destination and the database will provide info on everything from local safety and security conditions to natural hazards and climate notices. Most places have "avoid non-essential travel" or "avoid all travel" notices right now.

Of course, if it's safe to travel and you decide to do so, you'll be subject to Canada's travel restrictions when you come back.