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BC Is Clamping Down Hard On Non-Essential Travel & Adding 'Random' Checks With Fines

"There will be a fine if you are travelling outside of your area without a legitimate reason."

On Monday, April 19, Premier John Horgan announced that B.C. travel restrictions will now be increased to eliminate non-essential travel within the province. 

Horgan said that starting on Friday there will be new orders in place to "restrict people’s ability to leave their health authority. This will be conducted through random audits, not unlike roadside stops.”

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He continued to say that these random audits will be for "all travellers, not just a few travellers, and again, they will be random. There will be a fine if you are travelling outside of your area without a legitimate reason.”

In addition, the province has been working with tourism operators to ensure that they will no longer be taking bookings from people outside of their particular health region. “Do not try and book somewhere outside of your area because the tourism operator in that area will not book your passage,” said Horgan. 

The premier noted that police will be getting no additional authority and said that the province will be consulting the BIPOC community to ensure these random checks aren't "giving anyone fear about additional repercussions." 

Travelling from outside of B.C.

Horgan said that B.C. Ferries will no longer be taking bookings for campers and trailers from Friday onwards. They will also be contacting current bookings to confirm that they are travelling for essential reasons. 

The province will be adding signs along the Albertan border that remind Albertans that only essential travel is permitted at this time. 

"Those trying to book accommodation from outside B.C. won’t be able to do so," warned Horgan. He said that the province has collaborated with the tourism sector to ensure no one leaves their health regions starting on Friday and lasting up until the end of May long weekend.