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Canada's Long-Range COVID-19 Forecasts Look So Different For The Hardest-Hit Provinces

Six provinces were singled out with the new forecasts.
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COVID-19 In Canada Looks Different For Provinces In These New Long Range Forecasts

New long-range forecasts of COVID-19 in Canada are here and they look so different for each of the hardest-hit provinces.

New modelling data from the Public Health Agency of Canada that was shared on January 15 includes forecasts that go to the beginning of March for six provinces and the entire country.

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[rebelmouse-image 26006030 photo_credit="Courtesy of the Public Health Agency of Canada" expand=1 original_size="764x343"] Courtesy of the Public Health Agency of Canada

According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, these forecasts show that a stronger response is needed in provinces to slow the spread of COVID-19.

The blue line in the graphs is the projected number of cases and the shaded areas are the 50% to 95% variation that could happen.

Alberta and Manitoba are expected to see cases go down while cases could go up in B.C., Saskatchewan, Ontario and Quebec.

Even though B.C. has seen cases go down since November, the province is still expected to experience an increase through to the beginning of March.

The long-range forecast for Canada shows that cases are expected to rise to over 10,000 a day in February even if we don't increase the number of people we come in contact with.

There was also information in the new data and modelling update about how Canada compares to other countries and the challenges that lie ahead.

    Lisa Belmonte
    Trending Senior Staff Writer
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