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Dr. Tam Says Canada Is On An 'Ever-Worsening Trajectory' When It Comes To COVID-19

She wants us to continue our efforts to slow the spread.
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COVID-19: Canada  Is On An 'Ever-Worsening Trajectory' According To Dr. Tam

When it comes to COVID-19, Canada is on an "ever-worsening trajectory" according to Dr. Theresa Tam.

In her statement for January 13, she talked about the current situation across the country including case counts, deaths and variant strains.

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As Canada continues on an ever-worsening trajectory amidst the emergence of virus variants of concern, the next few months will be very difficult. Dr. Theresa Tam

The country's top doctor said that we're on this "ever-worsening trajectory" and dealing with concerning variant strains of the virus.

She noted that the next couple of months will be difficult, a sentiment she's shared before.

"The way COVID-19 spreads has not changed, but in the context of high incidence and rapid spread, maintaining constant vigilance with individual public health practices is essential," she said.

Dr. Tam also noted that we need to continue our efforts to slow the spread because impacts are being felt across the health care system.

A day earlier, Dr. Tam said that, while there is a light at the end of the tunnel, we're "still in the tunnel."

However, she believes that we can make it through.

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