It seems like COVID-19 in Canada will be sticking around beyond Christmas and Dr. Theresa Tam said we'll probably drop the ball with it before the holidays.

During a press conference on October 30, the country's top doctor was asked about holidays like Hanukkah and Christmas and how we'll be able to celebrate.

She said that we can still celebrate as long as we're doing it as safely as possible but big parties are off the table until there's a vaccine.

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You're going to all drop the ball at some point. Dr. Theresa Tam

Dr. Tam mentioned that we need to continue to get used to being socially connected while physically distanced and develop habits just like we did with mask-wearing.

"We all remember our New Year's resolutions and you want to develop new habits. You're going to slip up every so often but pick it up and keep going," she said.

The top doctor noted that we're all going to drop the ball at one point or another while navigating this current way of life.

For the holiday season specifically, the key is keeping our contacts small and follow public health guidelines.

Dr. Tam said that even if we're with people we know, like family members, we still need to keep up those practices.

New modelling suggests that if we don't limit our contacts, Canada could reach 8,000 daily cases in December.