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China Is Reportedly Using 'Anal Swabs' As A New Method For COVID-19 Testing

Some people are getting BOTH throat and anal swabs. 😳
COVID-19 In China: 'Anal Swabs' Have Reportedly Been Deployed As A New Method For Testing

Anal swabbing has reportedly been introduced as a new method of testing for COVID-19 in China

According to the Washington Post, Li Tongzeng, an infectious-disease specialist in Beijing, spoke on a Chinese state TV broadcaster, CCTV, to discuss the approach. 

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If we add anal swab testing, it can raise our rate of identifying infected patients. Li Tongzeng

“Considering that collecting anal swabs is not as convenient as throat swabs, at the moment only key groups such as those in quarantine receive both,” he said. 

CTV News reports that anal swabbing will be used to test individuals in the country who are considered to be at high risk for getting COVID-19

Apparently, this type of testing has already been used on a number of people.

These people include those who live in neighbourhoods with confirmed cases in Beijing and those who are currently in designated quarantine facilities. 

While the throat swab may be uncomfortable, this new method isn't a replacement, but an addition to existing test protocols. 

So, some lucky folks are receiving both throat and anal swabs to test for COVID-19

This article's cover photo is for illustrative purposes only. 

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