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4 Recent Flights To Canada Had So Many COVID-19 Cases On Board That 'All Rows' Are At Risk

This means multiple COVID-19 cases were spread out around the plane.

Health Canada continuously updates data about potential exposure to COVID-19 on flights, both domestic and international. 

So far in the month of January, the "affected rows" column has been marked as "all rows" for four different international flights. 

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‘All rows’ may be affected if multiple cases are confirmed and are spread out across the aircraft. Health Canada

The four flights include:

  • Air Transat flight TS663 from Port-au-Prince to Montreal on January 17
  • Air Canada Rouge flight AC1803 from Kingston to Toronto on January 15
  • Air Transat flight TS665 from Port-au-Prince to Montreal on January 13
  • Air Transat flight TS663 from Port-au-Prince to Montreal on January 10

Three of the flights were from the same location and landed in Montreal. 

In the case of these four flights, every person on the plane is considered to be in the "affected rows."

Therefore, they all must self-monitor for 14 days and quarantine immediately if they show any symptoms.

If symptoms do arise, they must call their public health authority for directions. 

Regardless of exposures, Health Canada says all travellers entering the country "must quarantine for 14 days from the date you arrived in Canada. This is mandatory, whether or not you have symptoms."

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