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CSIS Has Entry-Level Jobs Available & They Can Pay Up To $74K

Perfect for those who don't want to work at a desk all day!
CSIS Has Entry-Level Jobs Available & They Can Pay Up To $74K

If you're interested in a career with the Canadian government, but don't want a typical office gig, there are some great options. There are entry-level CSIS jobs available, and they're definitely not the average nine-to-five. They also come with some great perks.

You can apply until December 23 for the fleet assistant position, or until December 9 for the surveillance officer. However, you should not discuss your application with anyone outside your family.

These jobs can pay maximum salaries of $53,350 and $74,670, respectively. On top of that, you'll get three weeks of paid vacation plus health benefits.

Positions are available in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, and Burnaby.

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What are the jobs?

As a fleet assistant with the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service, you would be working directly with vehicles. Duties include inspection and testing, making arrangements for repairs, and keeping everything clean.

You would also be responsible for preparing audits pertaining to odometer readings, gas bills, and the cost of maintenance.

A surveillance officer, on the other hand, is more directly involved with the activities of CSIS.

As the title suggests, you would be conducting discreet surveillance, analyzing and researching the information gathered during observation, and drafting reports to convey the details of your activities.

What are the requirements?

The successful completion of high school is the only education level needed for being a fleet assistant. The surveillance officer position requires at least a two-year college diploma.

Being able to drive is imperative to both jobs. Applicants to the former should have at least two years, while those applying for the latter will need three. Both positions require being fully licensed with a clean record.

Experience working with managers and customers, as well as providing client services are essential to working with the CSIS fleet. Mechanical skills and knowledge of automotive maintenance would be assets.

Anyone who wants to start a career in the field of surveillance will need to have worked in a team environment for at least two years. They should also have good judgment and stress management skills.

Are there other conditions?

To be a fleet assistant, applicants should be prepared to meet the physical demands of the position. This may include being able to lift and carry items that weigh a minimum of 45 kilograms.

In addition, you might be asked to work outside of your regular hours on short notice. There may also be times where you have to perform job duties in adverse weather conditions or extreme temperatures.

Surveillance officer candidates should also expect to work in shifts, with hours that are sometimes unpredictable.

Applicants will also have to complete a training course for the position and there is a two-year probationary period.

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