Mountain Lions Are In North Texas Right Now And They're Not Supposed To Be There (VIDEO)

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Mountain Lions Are In North Texas Right Now And They're Not Supposed To Be There (VIDEO)

Texas has an insane variety of wildlife, and even Mountain Lions are common in certain areas, but some have recently been spotted chasing the city life.

As of Friday, December 11, there have been two mountain lion spottings in urban areas of North Texas, which has residents just a little freaked out.

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Mountain lions can be found in much of Texas and rarely create conflict with people.  Texas Parks And Wildlife 

The first spotting occurred on November 23 in Dallas County, where the lion was roaming around a Rowlett private property.

The latest spotting was confirmed on December 7 in Collin County near the town of Princeton, about 20 miles north from where the first one was found.

Officials believe this could possibly be the same lion, meaning the beast could simply be trying to explore the beautiful sights and cities of North Texas.

Lucky for North Texans, Texas Parks And Wildlife released a list of tips on what to do if you encounter a Mountain Lion.

What to do if you encounter a mountain lion:

  • Pick up all children off the ground immediately.

  • Do NOT approach the lion

  • Stay calm. Talk calmly and move slowly.

  • Face the lion and remain in an upright position.

  • Do not turn your back on the lion. Back away slowly.

  • Do NOT run.

  • Do all you can to enlarge your image. Do NOT crouch down or try to hide

  • If the lion is aggressive, throw rocks, sticks, or anything you can get your hands on.

  • If the lion attacks, fight back. Fighting back can drive off lions.