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This New Dallas Tiki Bar Is Finally Open And It's Here To Help You Forget About Winter

Time to grab your Hawaiian shirt and book a reservation 🍹🌴

Dallas is getting another unique and fun bar added to the mix, and this one keeps the summer vibes going year-round.

Swizzle, the former pop-up bar, is finally opening up a permanent Dallas location to the public after months of anticipation.

The bar's tropical environment paired with its crazy over-the-top tropical beverages and food that are sure to help escape winter and feel as if you are on a beach resort.

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6 Special "Swizzle" beverages to choose from 

Their famous "Swizzle" beverages take the term tropical to the extreme with insane glasses and of course, floral decor.

If you are looking to share a boozy beverage with a friend then you're in luck, as they serve GIANT tropical drinks can only fit inside of a full-sized pineapple.

Non-drinkers can also have a taste treat at Swizzle with their juicy mocktails, including the P.O.G.O, which is made up of passion fruit, orange, guava, and orgeat. 

On top of tropical drinks, you can also grab some island eats including a "sweet spam stirfry" and "loco moco tofu." 

The spot is officially open but only at a limited capacity due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

In order to visit after 6 p.m., you must book a reservation on their website.


Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Tropical/Tiki 

Address: 1802 Greenville Ave #110, Dallas, TX

Why You Need To Go: Brand new and unique bar deep in the heart of Dallas that is sure to help you clear your mind of winter stress. No matter when you go, you will always feel like you're on vacation.