Dan Levy's beloved David Rose character on "Schitt's Creek" is an international treasure for more than just his style, of course, but also because every single shirt David wears has the power to make you exclaim, "I LOVE THAT SHIRT" followed by "WHERE CAN I GET IT" but then you realize that googling "sweatshirt with lines on it" might not work out, so you slump back into your chair, desparingly.

Well, despair no more — we have found David's shirts on the internet, in various locations. Consider this your treasure map to David Rose's closet.

Here's where you can find all of David's most iconic shirts.

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The Sweater With All Of The Lightning Bolts

Price: $39.99+

Details: The only thing better than one lightning bolt is a lot of lightning bolts and that's exactly what you get with this little number.

The Heart Shirt

Price: $19.97+

Details: David wears his heart on his sleeve and also on his chest, in this specific instance.

The "Wild Aloof Rebel" Shirt

Price: $23.50 - $31.50

Details: Perhaps one of David's best sweatshirts is the "wild aloof rebel" shirt — show people who you truly are by strutting around town in this shirt (or sweatshirt).

The Shirt With The Circle Of Stars

Price: $19.99+

Details: Ah, a classic. It's simple. It's chic. It's David's signature black and white theme. Pair it with some Converse sneakers for the ultimate David Rose ensemble.

The "Lover" Shirt

Price: $10.99+

Details: The "lover" shirt stands out from the rest because it's RED on black, rather than the usual WHITE on black that David wears — making it an instant classic.

The "Icon" Shirt

Price: $17.99+

Details: You can get the ICON shirt long-sleeved or short-sleeved, depending on what you like, and still look exactly like David — because you are both icons.

The Vampire Shirt

Price: $23.95+

Details: At some point, loving ALL of David's shirts DOES become exhausting, however, the hits just never stop — for example, this shirt with a vampire mouth on it.

The Shirt With All The Lines

Price: $16.99+

Details: Finding this shirt for sale online is like finding a unicorn, because do you know how many listings come up when you google "black sweatshirt with lines"? A lot. Don't worry, we found it for you, it's right here.

The "DON'T" Shirt

Price: $21.99

Details: Everyone needs a shirt that screams "don't," so that people you interact with throughout the day know when they just shouldn't. This is simply good planning.


Price: $33.64

Details: It's very nonchalant of you to wear a shirt that literally shouts "nonchalance" in all caps, and this is exactly why every nonchalant person needs to own this sweatshirt.

The Shirt With One Lightning Bolt

Price: $28.99

Details: Perhaps David's simplest shirt, which just says, "⚡️" — the lightning bolt describes David without saying any words at all, actually. You also deserve this.

The "Radical Feminist" Shirt

Price: $21.00+

Details: Let everyone know that you are a radical feminist, just like David. You need to make it clear to everyone that you are not just ANY feminist, but a radical one. This shirt can help you do that.