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6 Dreamy Day Trips From Orlando That You Just Can't Let Yourself Miss Out On

Wild safaris, hidden lagoons, and surreal forests await!🍃
Daytrips Spots From Orlando That You Have To Visit At Least Once

If you’ve found yourself with a day off and a tank of gas to kill, there are so pretty amazing spots around Orlando that make for the perfect day trip. All you need is a reliable source of transportation and a sense of adventure. So grab your favorite adventure buddy and set off to these awesome daytrips spots from Orlando that you just can’t let yourself miss out on.

Adventure awaits in The Sunshine State, but with so many amazing places to see and things to do, it’s hard to pick where to go first. This list gives you a good place to start with some super cool road trip day ideas that are just a few hours’ drive from Orlando.

Some attractions you’ll even find right in The City Beautiful, and they’ll give you a whole new perspective from which to view the city.

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Most of these excursions are super cheap too, perfect for the penny-pinching adventurer.

So make your next day off one to remember and check out these super fun day trips around Orlando.

Safari Wilderness

Price: $119+

Address: 10850 Moore Rd., Lakeland, FL

Why You Need To Go: Cruise on an ATV through this Orlando safari, explore by kayak, or even from atop a camel! There are tons of unique ways to experience this safari park.

Epperson Lagoon

Price: $24.95

Address: 31885 Overpass Rd., Wesley Chapel, FL

Why You Need To Go: There are tons of ways to enjoy this 7-acre tropical oasis, from the swim-up bar, to the sandy island shores, to the thrilling water slides and more.

Washington Oaks Garden State Park

Price: $5

Address: 6400 N. Oceanshore Blvd., Palm Coast, FL

Why You Need To Go: Spice up your regular beach day at this moody shoreline full of rocky cliffs and hidden sea caves.

Mead Botanical Gardens

Price: Free

Address: 1300 S. Denning Dr., Winter Park, FL

Why You Need To Go: This Orlando garden is free to explore and feels like you’re stepping right into a fairytale.

The Citrus Tower

Price: $10

Address: 141 North Highway 27, Clermont, FL

Why You Need To Go: Get a different view of Central Florida from this lofty tower, where you can even see all the way to the coast.

McKee Botanical Garden

Price: $15

Address: 350 US Hwy 1, Vero Beach, FL

Why You Need To Go: This tropical oasis holds surreal natural wonders that’ll make you feel like you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole.

Happy road tripping!

Before you get going, check our Responsible Travel Guide so you can be informed, be safe, be smart, and most of all, be respectful on your trip.

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