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Democrats Are Pushing To Legalize Weed At The Federal Level This Year

Senators are calling it a priority.
Democrats Are Pushing To Legalize Weed At The Federal Level This Year

Democrats are making a push to legalize marijuana at the federal level this year, and it could actually be possible with the Democrat majority in both the House and Senate.

Senators Cory Booker, Ron Wyden, and majority leader Chuck Schumer submitted a statement expressing their devotion to ending the "war on drugs."

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Ending the federal marijuana prohibition is necessary to right the wrongs of this failed war and end decades of harm inflicted on communities of color across the country. The statement reads.

The senators believe the "war on drugs" has been more of a "war on people," and it is time to enact new measures that will help those who have been "unfairly" targeted for decades.

“We are committed to working together to put forward and advance comprehensive cannabis reform legislation that will not only turn the page on this sad chapter in American history, but also undo the devastating consequences of these discriminatory policies," the joint statement reads. 

The trio says they plan to release a unified discussion draft on comprehensive reform in the early part of 2021 to "ensure restorative justice, protect public health and implement responsible taxes and regulations."

This comes after House Democrats passed the MORE act in December 2020, which had a goal of decriminalizing marijuana at the federal level, but it was quickly shut down by the then-Republican-controlled senate.

Things are different this time around, as the senate is now split 50-50 between Republicans and Democrats, but Vice President Kamala Harris would issue the tie-breaking vote if it came to that. 

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