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Denmark Just Released A New Children's Cartoon And You'll Never Guess His Superpower

The world is losing one of its favorite children's shows this year, Caillou, and it's getting replaced with what will undoubtedly be the strangest thing you've seen today.

John Dillermand, the title of the show and name of the main protagonist, might seem to be an average man, but he does have one unique quality, a comically large superpower penis.

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13 Episodes to watch 

The show follows Dillermand throughout his everyday life, which sometimes involves him getting into situations due to his genitalia, including getting balloons tied to it and floating away and using it to grill hot dogs.

Of course, the show was met with much backlash from Danish parents and politicians, as they claim the show is not suitable for children's eyes.

"Yes, I know uncle shrimp and farting humor is probably fun and incredibly learning-effective, but I don't believe that looking at adult men's genitals should be made into something common for children," said Morten Messerschmidt, previously a member of the European Parliament from Denmark.

But lucky for the curious, every episode is available to watch for free on the Danish streaming service "," and it's safe to say people are enjoying it.

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