Dead Animals Who Had COVID-19 Have Been Bursting Out Of Their Graves In Europe

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Animals With COVID-19 Have Been Bursting Out Of Their Graves In Europe

Could this year get any weirder?! According to new reports, hundreds of dead animals with COVID-19 mutations have been rising out of their graves in Europe, after gases built up inside their bodies.

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

Earlier this year, thousands of mink were culled in the northern regions of Denmark, after a mutated version of COVID-19 was observed among them and multiple humans became sick.

After the animals were killed, they were buried in trenches, Danish authorities told the Associated Press. 

However, the mink have recently made a reappearance, as the gases inside their bodies built up and caused them to rise out of their shallow graves. Yikes!

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"A few hundred" Animals were affected

“The gases cause the animals to expand and in the worst cases, the mink get pushed out of the ground,” Danish officials explained. 

They confirmed that a few hundred were affected by this “natural process.”

Noting that the large number of mink were buried in separate layers, officials added, “We assume it is the mink that were in the upper layer that pop up.”

Experts believe the sandy-ish soil the creatures were buried under is largely to blame for their resurfacing, noting that if the earth had been more “clayish” they probably wouldn’t have burst out.

They have since been reburied elsewhere and local authorities are watching over the site to ensure other animals stay away.

According to AP, none of the identified COVID-19 mutations appear to have altered its lethality or its ability to spread from one host to another.

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