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Dollarama Is Planning To Open Almost 1,000 Canadian Stores In The Next 10 Years

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Dollarama Stores In Canada Are Expected To Grow By Almost 1,000

If you love shopping at Dollarama stores in Canada, you'll probably be excited to hear that there are plans to open almost 1,000 new locations.

In a report about the business, the value retailer said it has found there's "continued relevance" in its stores and that the room to expand is there.

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It's expected that the number of Canadian stores could grow to about 2,000 over the next 10 years.

This is a slight increase from the target Dollarama previously announced of opening 1,700 locations across the country by 2027.

The press release indicates there are currently 1,356 Dollarama stores across Canada so this means about 700 new locations could open by 2031.

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