14 Things You Had No Idea You Could Find At Dollarama

They look like they cost triple the price. 🤑
14 Dollarama Canada Items You Didn't Know You Could Buy
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You won't believe how much cool stuff you can get with your extra loonies. We gathered up 14 things you had no idea you could find at Dollarama Canada.

For just a few bucks, you can get trendy products that people are raving about on TikTok or stock up on your favourite beauty products for way less.

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So go ahead and gather all that spare change hiding inside your couch, as it is time to go shopping at your local dollar store

Storage Bins & Baskets

Details: It is time to organize your cupboards, so everything has its spot. The dollar store is the perfect place to stock up on plastic baskets as they are available in a wide range of sizes and colours.

Wood Serving Boards

Details: If you've been saving dreamy kitchens on Pinterest, you've undoubtedly noticed wood-serving paddles are a popular accessory. They are a fantastic cutting board or platter for serving charcuterie.


Details: You'll be shocked to discover how many small kitchen rugs and bath mats you can find in store.


Details: Bookworms, you can stock up your bookcase with bargain novels and cookbooks for just a few bucks.

Pantry Essentials

Details: You can fill your shopping basket with dried goods like chia seeds, quinoa, pasta, nuts, and a diverse range of spices.

Dish Sets

Details: It is time to ditch your unmatching dishes, as you can get a matching set for less than a dollar per plate.

Beauty Products

Details: You can stock up on many of your favourite name-brand hair products, lotions, and soaps for way less than you'd find them at Shoppers Drug Mart.

Travel Accessories

Details: They carry stylish passport covers and luggage tags that are perfect for your next road trip.

Food Storage Containers

Details: Clear storage jars are trending on TikTok right now because they make your pantry look incredible. So why not try it for yourself? All you need are a few empty containers and a pack of spice labels to get started.

Cards & Gift Wrap

Details: There is no need to pay over $5 for a birthday card when you can get them for a loonie.

Peel & Stick Tiles

Details: You can get affordable peel and stick wall tiles, perfect for giving your kitchen or bathroom a makeover.

Planters & Gardening Tools

Details: Not only can you get adorable pots for your leafy houseplants, but you can also get everything you need to start a balcony garden. Some bargain finds include seeds, bags of soil, and watering cans.

Art Kits

Details: Artists can get everything they need to make their next masterpiece, like paint, brushes and canvas.

Workout Gear

Details: Setting up your home gym doesn't need to break the bank. Inside your local dollar store, you can often find yoga mats and weights.

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